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God's Throat

Article written by Ambro

God's Throats are giant squid-like Yaggol faces carved into underwater caverns. Each face is the size of a Minotaur galleon from brow to chin. They are made of strange green rock that has striations that look like muscle fibers. Incandescent mother-of-pearl covers the face. The mouth or maw of each face is more than thirty feet in diameter. From each mouth comes a mysterious strong current which causes the face to emit a howl. Similar motifs decorate the Whistler's Chain.

God's Throats are what the Dargonesti Elves call the faces. The Dimernesti Elves instead call them Defiler's Breath. The Dargonesti have been using the currents that come from the mouths for centuries. The Dimernesti are more hesitate about them and only use them when it is absolutely necessary. After the Chaos War, the currents ceased and both races of Sea Elves sent expeditions into the mouths. None of the explorers returned. When the Gods returned the currents started again.

There are at least five God's Throats and one is northeast of the Blood Sea and the minotaur isles and leads to Watermere and cuts the journey by two days.


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