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Thelgaard Keep

Article written by Kranar Drogin

Thelgaard Keep is a fortress located in the Solamnic city of Thelgaard, and is where the nobles and the Duke of Thelgaard reside. The keep is found in the middle of the city it protects. It has fallen at least twice in its history. Once during the War of the Lance to the Dragonarmies, and once during Ankhar's War when Ankhar's hordes sacked Thelgaard. General Dayr, commander of the Crown Army, is based here in 425 AC, along with his son Captain Franz Dayr of the White Riders and Captain Blair of the Thelgaard Lancers.

There is an upper and lower hall, with the general's council room located on the upper level. A large grove of Olive Trees are located on the Keep's grounds.

Kender Tale

One source has the keep inside the dwarven nation of Kayolin, but it has always been a Solamnic keep.


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