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Settlement TypeLarge Town
CountryNorthern Hosk
ProvinceTiderun Strait
LeaderEmperor of the Imperial League
Population352 AC - 5000
424 AC - 0
Founded229 AC

Rudil was a large town that was originally founded by the Imperial League as part of their expansion into Northern Hosk and to form trade with those in the Tamire. The town was situated on the northern banks of the westernmost part of the Tiderun Strait, in between the smaller settlements of Barask and Milgath.

The town was surrounded by farmland to sustain its population, and had a peaceful agreement with the Uigan people, to supply them with goods and trade, to prevent them from invading the town. Rudil was ultimately ruled by the Emperor of the Imperial League, however a governor handled all administrative duties on behalf of the emperor and was based in a small keep in the centre of town. Outside of the town proper was located a caravansary, which was a rudimentary settlement for caravan guards, Uigan warriors, sailors, and any other visitors to the town. The caravansary was filled with inns, stables, shipwrights and traders of every kind. A great bazaar was held in the central square of Rudil, where permanent stalls of the more prosperous merchants of the town hawk their wares.

All of this ended however in 424 AC, when the great Uigan horde led by Hoch Tegin and Sugai Tegin railed against the walls of Rudil and crushed the settlement, killing all within. The town was razed and left a ruin before the Uigan horde moved southwards towards the Tiderun Strait.


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