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ColoringRed, Ochre and Ivory
RelationsTylor, Dragon
LandsPanak Desert, Northern Wastes,
Plains of Dust, the Desolation

Hatori are distant relations of Dragons, that resemble a cross between a dragon and a crocodile. They have rock-like hides and have the ability to swim through the desert sands, sinking and moving effortlessly under the surface. The body of the average hatori (known as the lesser hatori) stretches anywhere from 10 to 50 feet in length. The exceedingly rare greater hatori can reach up to 200 feet in length. Other than a thick tough hide and bulky body, hatori have long whip-like tails and horned heads. When hatori mate with dragons (which does happen on rare occasions), the result is a Tylor.

Lesser hatori often travel in packs to waylay travellers and creatures in the desert. Greater hatori tend to live solitary lives, are highly territorial and even more aggressive than lesser hatori. All hatori will often hide in the sands, giving the illusion of being harmless rocks in the sand, lying in wait until their prey is within reach.

Hatori speak Draconic, however the aggressive creatures rarely speak with anything other than a dragon. They are often referred to as desert dragons or sandwyrms.


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