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Merkitsa Elf

Article written by Uziel

The Merkitsa Elves are a branch of wild elves that live in the northern reaches of the Tamire on Northern Hosk. The realm of the Tamire that the merkitsa elves dwell in is known as the Dreaming Green. The full name of the elves is traditionally hosk'i imou merkitsa (elves of the Tamire), although they are sometimes known as the Elf Clans of the Tamire.

Merkitsa elves are nomadic by nature, and share many of the same qualities as the Uigan people. They are fierce warriors in battle, suspicious of strangers and have an affinity and appreciation of horses. Irrespective of gender, all elves are trained in the art of war and horse riding, and every merkitsa elf is highly skilled with the bow and lance. The merkitsa elves are divided up into numerous small clans, with each clan acting almost independently of the others. The clans are each linked with a quoyai (spirit totem) and a powerful shaman leads each clan.


The average merkitsa elf is short, lightly muscled and slender, standing at five feet and four inches, for both males and females. Their skin color is a mix from a dark tan to a honeyed brown, partially from some of their intermingling with the human tribes of the Tamire in the distant past. Hair color ranges from a honey-blond to brown, and the occasional black-haired merkitsa elf is not entirely unheard of. Merkitsa males braid their hair and use various colored dyes on it, as well as growing their hair long and keeping it exceedingly well groomed. The elves have pointed teeth, as well as sharp noses and chins. Ear lobes are long on most of the elves, as they decorate their lobes with large plugs, which are themselves adorned with feathers, silver baubles or other decorations.

Clothing of the merkitsa is bright and somewhat garish, with them wearing all manner of colored silk, linen and cotton clothing in the Dreaming Green. Outside of their realm, they are usually dressed in pelts and leathers, and something resembling their particular clan's totem.

Merkitsa society is predominantly patriarchal, with males ruling the individual families, as well as most of the clans. Females however are allowed to practice magic, something that extremely few males ever do. In this regard, many females can achieve considerable power. Half-elves are accepted within the clan, and not treated with the same disregard and scorn as in most other elven cultures in both Ansalon and Taladas.

Elf Clans

Bear Clan
Falcon Clan
Fox Clan
Horse Clan
Singing Rain Clan
Snake Clan
Tiger Clan
Wolf Clan


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