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Settlement TypeLarge Town
CountryNorthern Hosk
ProvinceTiderun Strait
LeaderEmperor of the Imperial League
Founded224 AC

Malton was originally built in 224 AC by the Imperial League as part of a planned expansion into Northern Hosk. The town was constructed just across the Tiderun Strait at the foothills of the Ring Mountains. It was originally ruled and inhabited by the Imperial League, but later became a den of iniquity for pirates and criminals, and was ruled by the self-styled Count Ricar, who was a known associate of the infamous pirate lord Harlad the Gray.

Years later, the Imperial League once again claimed Malton as one of its colonies, instituting a militia there to keep the peace, the Malton Guard. The most powerful merchant lords became the local rulers of the town, however ultimately the Emperor of the Imperial League was the ruler. In 424 AC, the Uigan came to Malton and assaulted the town. They left the town a smouldering ruin, before moving on to attack other settlements of the Imperial League.

Districts of Malton

Hilltop Ward

Buildings of Malton

The Broken Keel


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