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Settlement TypeSmall Town
CountryNorthern Hosk
ProvinceThe Tamire

Khal was a small quiet town in the easternmost fringes of the Tamire, along the border with the Panak Desert. It was one of the primary settlements of the Kazar, and was centred around an old well that was encircled by statues of the Abaqua ogres. The town was filled with yurts and sod huts, and surrounded by a series of horse paddocks.

In 424 AC, Khal was overrun by the combined forces of the Wretched Ones and the Uigan horde of Chovuk Boyla. The leader of the Kazar, Duskblade, was executed and most of the Kazar were cut down. Khal was put to the torch and left a blackened ruin, and the Kazar, a broken people.


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