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King of the Mountain

Article written by Uziel

NameKing of the Mountain
Birth? AC
Death424 AC
RaceWretched Ones ?
NationalityWretched Ones
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationRuler of the Wretched Ones

The King of the Mountain (? AC - 424 AC) was the ruler of the Wretched Ones of the Ilquar Mountains, and resided in Mount Xagal. It is believed that the King was once a normal Goblin, but through some kind of sorcery was greatly altered into a worm-like creature. The King had the enormous body of a giant worm, which was white-skinned with purple veins, and had a venomous barbed tail. His head was that of a bloated goblin, which was white and had blood-shot eyes and a bony snout.

In 424 AC, Chovuk Boyla brought his Uigan warriors to Mount Xagal to enlist the aid of the Wretched Ones in his upcoming war against the Kazar. The King had Chovuk enter his lair with only his Tenach Hult. The fearsome creature then attacked the two Uigan warriors, but when Chovuk changed into a Steppe-tiger, he managed to defeat and kill the foul King.


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