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Wretched Ones

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NameWretched Ones
ColoringYellow-brown to brown-green
RelationsGurik Cha'ahl
LandsIlquar Mountains

Wretched Ones is the name for the collective Goblin tribes of the Ilquar Mountains in Northern Hosk. The Wretched Ones were one of the original inhabitants of the Tamire, who predate the merkitsa elves, the Uigan, Kazar and other Human tribes. They once ruled a broad swath of the land, from the Ur'musk Valley to the Ghostwood. However with the influx of the elves and humans, the goblins found themselves driven back more and more, until finally they were forced into living only in the Ilquar Mountains.

The tribes of the Wretched Ones are stretched across both ranges of the Ilquar Mountains, where they live in small fortified villages. It is believed that the goblins number in the vicinity of 40,000 across the Ilquar Mountains. Whilst no two of the Wretched Ones look identical in appearance, most tend to be short and stocky with skin color that ranges from a yellowish-brown to a brownish-green. The majority of the goblins are bald, although a small few have wispy black hair.

At birth, the Wretched Ones have their heads shaped so that the back of the head is flat and the forehead has a pronounced backward slope. This shaping also gives the goblins flat noses, which is seen as an attractive feature amongst their race. Most males of the tribes have sharpened canines, whilst the females are known to have circular welts tattooed around their eyes. The goblins of the Ilquars dress primarily in leathers or fur, and all of them wear thick-soled leather sandals.

A headman, who is generally the most powerful or feared goblin of the tribe, leads each tribe. A small council of goblins, who are usually the headman's chief allies or rivals, in turn advises the headman. Protecting the village in other methods of the shamans of the Wretched Ones. These goblins are normally never allowed to be headman or advisors, but wield great influence and power. Most shamans of the Wretched Ones offer fealty to Hiteh, and with their powers they are often the true rulers of many tribes, if not in name.

Due to the close proximity of the Kazar, Alan-Atu and the merkitsa elves on their borders, the Wretched Ones have a deep abiding hatred of these people. They have almost no contact with the Uigan anymore, since the Alan-atu live between the Uigan and the goblins. This is possibly why in 424 AC, when Chovuk Boyla led the Uigan to Mount Xagal to ally with the goblins, part of why they accepted... after the human was tested sufficiently.


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