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Birth? AC
Death424 AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorBlack
OccupationTenach of Ten Arrows Clan

Fox (? AC – 424 AC) was a male Uigan Human who was the Tenach to the Tegin of the Ten Arrows Clan of the Uigan. Fox was described as a pale-skinned man with black eyes, who was a mute. He was known to be impulsive and reckless in battle, but was also extremely fast.

Following the death of Krogan Boyla in 424 AC, Torug Tegin of the Ten Arrows Clan made a claim to be the next Boyla. When his rival Chovuk Tegin called him a coward, Torug was enraged and challenged Chovuk to a duel. The Tenachai of the two Tegins were forced to fight as well, drawing Fox and Chovuk's tegin Hult into the fight. The sudden bursting of a knot on a huge log in the campfire startled Fox, allowing Hult to strike a blow on the back of Fox's knee and then kill the tenach with a second strike.


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