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Birth? AC
Death? AC
RaceSilvanaes Elf
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationArchmage of Armach-nesti

Nalaran (? AC - ? AC) was a male Silvanaes Elf who was the greatest archmage of Armach, and was considered by many to be the greatest mage on Taladas. The mage was tall, had dark hair and was usually garbed in white robes, similar in nature to those worn by the white-robed mages of Ansalon. Nalaran served as an advisor to the Thalaniya, Voice of the Stars and aided her in most magical matters. In the spring of 424 AC he directly aided the Voice and Shedara at the Seeing-Pool in uncovering information about the death of Ruskal Eight-Fingers and the involvement of Maladar an-Desh.

When the shadow-kender overran Armach-nesti in the summer of 424 AC, Nalaran was unusually absent from the side of Thalaniya. Quivris, the Lord-Protector of the realm, found Nalaran hiding in the forest a week later, exhausted and starving. Since then, Nalaran used his magic to aid Quivris and the surviving Silvanaes elves, in order to prove his worth once more.

In the autumn of 424 AC, Nalaran accompanied Shedara, Quivris and a contingent of elves to the Minotaur capital of Kristophan in a bid to rescue Barreth Forlo and Hult. The mage cast a seeming spell over the group, to give the elves the appearance of minotaurs, to enable them to infiltrate the arena, whilst he stayed behind to make preparations for their escape. When the group successfully returned with Barreth and Hult, Nalaran was waiting for them outside of the capital in an elven boat. The mage then used magic to transport the boat a quarter-mile outside of Kristophan, to give the group a chance to outrun their minotaur pursuers. He later used his magic again to summon powerful winds to ensure their vessel reached safety. Finally Nalaran presented a charm of Gilona to Hult, to allow the Uigan to understand the speech of those around him.


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