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Birth? AC
Death426 AC
RaceDimernesti Elf
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationWhale rider

Maleanki (? AC – 426 AC) was a young male Dimernesti Elf whale rider. He had light blue skin and jade green hair that he would tie feathers of birds into. He liked to finish other people's sentences.

World Gash

Maleanki was assigned to a joint Dimernesti and Dargonesti Elf expedition to the World Gash. The Fire Dragon Blazewight tried to stop the expedition and used a Impaling Throne and created a powerful hurricane. During the hurricane, the group took refuge inside an underwater cave. Maleanki was already in the cave and when the others tried to join him they were forced in so quickly that they were shoved to the back of the cave impaling Maleanki on the coral there. Maleanki survived the accident but was in great pain. Ultimately Apoletta released him from his misery. They left his body in the cave covered by silt.


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