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Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Guildmasters were once the rulers over the Solamnic city of Solanthus. In 300 AC, the Guildmasters revolted against the Knights of Solamnia and expelled them from the city. They declared their city free of the Knights of Solamnia and their rule. This freedom though wouldn't last very long. The Guildmasters would fall before Kitiara Uth Matar and her Blue Dragonarmy in 351 AC.

The Guildmasters would not see power over the city again until after the War of Souls. The people were appalled when the city fell so easily to Mina and the Dark Knights. The Guildmasters used this to their advantage and formed the Solanthic Liberation Army. Through this rebellion, the Guildmasters were able to set themselves up to run the city again. They would run the city until 423 AC, when Lord Walker du Crawford brought his Knights of the Rose to Solanthus, and expelled the Guildmasters from power. Duke Nathias Rathskell was put in power over the city.


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