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Southern Hosk

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Southern Hosk is the second largest landmass on the continent of Taladas, but has far more inhabitants than the larger Northern Hosk. The region is home to the fearsome Imperial League, the dark nation of Thenol, the elven kingdom of Armach, the swamp infested Blackwater Glade, and the Steamwall Mountains. Southern Hosk effectively forms an arc around the southwestern part of Taladas, much like Northern Hosk is an arc of land around the northwestern part.

Directly southwards across the Tiderun Strait from Northern Hosk, is the Imperial League, mightiest nation of Southern Hosk. The great empire of the Minotaurs stretches from the southern banks of the Tiderun down to the northern fringes of the New Mountains, dominating almost a third of Southern Hosk. The empire is split between five major provinces and has a series of large roads and major towns spread throughout. The Western Ocean frames the western border of the League, whilst the eastern reaches of the empire end at the Hulder Realm and the Steamwall Mountains.

Southwest of the Imperial League is the elven nation of Armach, which controls the southwestern corner of Taladas. The elves themselves live in their forest home, which they've named Armach-nesti, whilst their human and centaur allies live in the settlements outside the forest. The Confederacy of Armach as the entire nation is sometimes known, is perched around the Bay of Armach and has the dark lands of Thenol on their eastern border.

Southeast of the Imperial League and eastwards of Armach are the dark lands of Thenol, home to the twisted followers of the evil god Hith. The human nation has only a few small settlements, but controls large tracts of land between the New Mountains and the Steamwall Mountains in the southeastern part of Southern Hosk. The eastern border of Thenol meets the Steamwall Mountains and to the southeast is Blackwater Glade. The southernmost parts of Thenol end at the Banks of Hoor, which stretch out into the Windless Ocean.

On the southeasternmost point of Southern Hosk is the swamp infested Blackwater Glade. The swamp was created during the Great Destruction when part of the continent sunk and was filled with water, which in turn was warmed by thermal springs. Blackwater Glade has Thenol on its western fringes and the Steamwall Mountains to the north. It is separated from its eastern neighbour, The Fisheries, by Thunderbreach Strait

The Steamwall Mountains stretch the entire eastern edges of Southern Hosk, from the northern tip down to the southern edges alongside Blackwater Glade. This enormous mountain range is home to large tribes of Hobgoblins, the Marak Kender who live in their broad valleys, and to the Fianawar Dwarves.

Nations of Southern Hosk

Blackwater Glade
Hulder Realm
Imperial League
New Mountains
Steamwall Mountains


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