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Thalaniya (? AC – 424 AC) was a female Silvanaes Elf who was the Voice of the Stars, the queen of the elven nation of Armach. By 424 AC, her once golden hair had since turned silver, and she bore several lines around her mouth, however she otherwise still appeared to be in her prime. Thalaniya had ruled Armach for over two hundred years by this stage, and was one of the oldest Silvanaes elves alive.

Thalaniya by Darcwulf.
EnlargeThalaniya by Darcwulf.
Birth? AC
Death424 AC
RaceSilvanaes Elf
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorViolet
OccupationVoice of the Stars

Thalaniya sent the Moon-Thief Shedara on a mission in 424 AC to recover a portrait of Silvanos from the Blood Eye Tower. When the thief returned to Armach-nesti, the portrait was returned to the queen. However the queen was troubled by Shedara's report of the death of Ruskal Eight-Fingers and learnt about the Hooded One. She beseeched Shedara to find and destroy the Hooded One, to prevent the return of Maladar an-Desh, and also gave the moon-thief a magic pearl to allow the pair of them to communicate over a great distance.

However in the summer of the same year, the minions of Maladar came into Armach-nesti and killed Thalaniya, beheading the Voice of the Stars.


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