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Silvanaes Elf

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Silvanaes Elves (or Silvanaes-Quarti as they are sometimes known) are a branch of elves that live in the southwestern nation of Armach on the continent of Taladas. The nation is ruled by the Voice of the Stars and is governed by the Lord Protector. The Silvanaes Elves originated from the elven nation of Silvanesti on Ansalon, but were part of a sea expedition known as the Great Armada, that was blown off course and lost at sea. The fleet finally reached the southwestern shores of Taladas and the elves named the land Armach-nesti, which translated as "Dry Land". However human barbarians, who soon made war upon the new arrivals, inhabited the lands they reached. In response, the elves drove out the humans and established their elven realm.

In the following years, the human tribes on their border waged war on one another, instead of the elves, but gradually the elven influence took hold. The Silvanaes formed alliances with the tribes beyond their realm and soon the Confederation of Armach was born.

The Silvanaes Elves live in their forested realm of Armach-nesti, and do not allow any non-elves to enter their domain, even those within the Confederation. One of the first things that the elves did on founding their kingdom was to draw up the First Edicts, which were a set of laws to guarantee elven purity. The Silvanaes elves fiercely defend their home and have guards stationed around the fringes of their kingdom. They do often travel beyond their borders into the towns of the Confederation to trade with the Humans and centaurs.


Silvanaes elves have similar characteristics to Silvanesti Elves, bearing the same fair skin, fine features and height. Their society is split between two classes; the Nestiroml and the Neskijir, which are the workers and the noble classes respectively.

Following their arrival on Taladas via ship, many of the elves understandably turned their worship to that of the Sea Lord, grateful that they survived their long voyage to the new continent. The priests and priestesses of the Sea Lord wear light blue or green robes, a necklace of shells and generally bear a fishing spear, which is their sign of faith to the Sea Lord. The priests of the Sea Lord bless any boat created by the Silvanaes, as well as preside over funerals, bless fishing vessels going out to hunt, or warships heading off to battle.

The worship of Ildamar the Earthspirit came about when the Silvanaes landed on Taladas. Many of the new arrivals asked for the blessing of the spirits to guide them in their new land. Mishakal appeared in the guide of Ildamar, and saw no reason to sway the elves from believing a spirit had not answered them. The goddess continued the ruse, not wishing to hurt the feelings of her faithful, but for all intents and purpose, the priesthood of Ildamar wield the same powers as normal Mislaxans. Her priesthood are vegetarians, will only wear certain fabrics, and will only wield staves or clubs made from fallen branches. They believe in easing the pain of any living creature, and act as the protectors of nature. The priesthood of Ildamar may never raise a hand in violence, but instead willl steal tools and indirectly undermine those who actively attack creatures, or damage nature in any way.,


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