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Imperial Arena

Article written by Uziel

The Imperial Arena is located in the southeastern section of the city of Kristophan, just northwest of the Plaza of the Champions. The sands of the arena stand one hundred paces across, and the seats could hold twenty thousand. There is standing room in the arena for at least forty thousand. The arena is primarily a site for public entertainment, where great warriors compete in trials against one another. It is also used for gladiators to battle against those charged with treason or other crimes. The arena is sometimes used for large Minotaur festivals, during which non-minotaurs are not allowed entry and must instead celebrate in the nearby Plaza of the Champions.

In 424 AC, when a great earthquake shook Kristophan, the Imperial Arena managed to survive the devastation. Duke Rekhaz An-Thurn converted the arena into a keep at this time, to serve as his base of operations in managing the city after the disaster.


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