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Old City (Kristophan)

Article written by Uziel

Old City is a district in the Minotaur city of Kristophan, located in the central southern part of the city. It is where the Emperor's March ends and is all that remains of the original human settlement of Kristophan that predates the arrival of the minotaurs. The area is little better than a ghetto, filled with Humans, Dwarves and Elves. Few minotaurs live in the Old City district, preferring to remain with their own kind in the more affluent parts of the city.

The Saiones prefer not to enter this district, except in force, and therefore there is a thriving criminal element in Old City that operates without restriction. The criminal gangs are led by the Upright Men, who are effectively the only real power in the district and are feared by all.

In 424 AC, when a great earthquake shook Kristophan, the district of Old City was one of the only areas to remain relatively intact.

Buildings of Old City

Miranda's Palace
Reorx's Forge
Smuggler's Cove
The Cauldron
The Golden Palace
The Old Armory
The Oracle
The Well
Theodruses' Hostel

Roads and Streets of Old City

Bleak Street
Forest Gate
Malno's Walk
Saione's Court

Geographical Features

Salt Spray Point
The Ravine
The Tombs


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