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The Tamire

Article written by Uziel

NationThe Tamire
Largest CityRudil
LanguagesElvish Language, Uigan Language,
Kazar Language, Goblin Language

The Tamire is a large region of Northern Hosk that is dominated by grasslands and open plains and is inhabited by a series of nomadic tribes. The area is separated from Southern Hosk by the Tiderun Strait on its southern border, and has both the Panak Desert and the Ring Mountains on its eastern border. Whilst most of the Tamire is divided up between different warring tribes, on the southern border are several towns of the Imperial League that have gained a foothold in the realm.

Jagged cliffs run the length of the northern and western sides of the Tamire, making harbors and landing points impossible, the only accessible entry by water to the area is via the Tiderun Strait on the southern side. Running through the centre of the Tamire are two mountain ranges, Burya Ilquar and Uesi Ilquar, known collectively as the Ilquar Mountains. In between the two mountain ranges is an open series of grasslands known as the Tamogiur. Whilst the plains receive little rainfall and are a dry and dusty area, the mountains receive considerable rainfall, and are surrounded by small forests. The forests are filled with all manners of animals, as well as large spiders and Goblin tribes. Even the rare steppe tiger is known to dwell in these woods.

In the warmer months, the Tamire is a hot and dry place during the day, and cool at night. The further northwards one travels, the cooler the climate. In the winter months, most of the Tamire is covered in a light frost and blizzards occasionally ravage the region.

The plains to the east of the Ilquar Mountains are inhabited by the Elf Clans, who are a series of barbaric clans that are collectively one large tribe. They dominate the northernmost parts of the Tamire, residing in the Dreaming Green and have been known to war on both the Goblins of the Ilquar Mountains and the Humans in the south.

The Ilquar Mountains in the central part of the Tamire house the Wretched Ones, who are the fearsome goblin tribes. The goblins have no love for either the human tribes or the elves, often raiding both.

The western parts of the Tamire are split between several major tribes. The most powerful tribe is the Uigan, which dominate the southern part of the Tamire from the ocean to the west side of Burya Ilquar. They also actively patrol the Tamogiur, which means they control the central point of the plains. In small camps around the Uigan lands are the Pureshk and Purgi tribes, two small human tribes who are allied closely with the Uigan.

On both sides of Uesi Ilquar, in the northern fringes of the Tamire are the Kazar, a fierce and powerful tribe who are enemies to both the Uigan and the elves. The Kazar migrate to the southwestern reaches of the Panak Desert during the summer months. In the green valleys surrounding the Ilquar Mountains lives the Alan-Atu, a small human tribe that is opposed to both the goblins and the Uigan.

Cities of the Tamire

Three Brooks

Geographical Features

Burya Ilquar
Dreaming Green
Ghost Hills
Hill of Lost Voices
Ilquar Mountains
Mount Xagal
Turgan Oasis
Uesi Ilquar
Ur'musk Valley
Vale of Princes


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