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Northern Hosk

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Northern Hosk is the largest single mass of land on the continent of Taladas, however it has fewer inhabitants than Southern Hosk. The realm of Northern Hosk is primarily made up of three main areas: The Tamire, Panak Desert, and the Ring Mountains. Throughout the region are a series of nomadic tribes that constantly raid and war upon one another. The climate of Northern Hosk is varied, with dusty and dry conditions in the Tamire, and icy wastes in the Ring Mountains.

The Tamire is the largest of the three realms within Northern Hosk, and is made up of large plains and grasslands. It is located in the northwestern corner of Taladas, just northwards from Southern Hosk, and separated from the other landmass by the Tiderun Strait. Several large towns of the Imperial League reside on the Tamire's southernmost lands. The Western Ocean frames the western border of the Tamire, and throughout the center of the region are the goblin-infested Ilquar Mountains.

Eastwards of the Tamire, residing on the central northern part of Taladas is the Panak Desert. This frozen waste is bordered along its northern edge by the Guurlamskas and hemmed in between the Tamire on it's west and the Ring Mountains on it's southern and eastern borders.

The Ring Mountains form the third major part of Northern Hosk, and effectively cut off Northern Hosk from the rest of Taladas. This mountainous realm is filled with Goblin tribes and also in its central reaches houses the Shining Lands.

Provinces of Northern Hosk

Panak Desert
Ring Mountains
The Tamire


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