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The Kazar are a nation of barbarians that live in the northern parts of the Tamire, alongside the Uesi Ilquar. They spend the summer months in the southwestern part of the Panak Desert, and spend the winter months in the northern Ilquars. They are known as proud and fierce warriors that frequently raid and fight with the merkitsa elves, the Uigan and with the Ice People. During the Age of Despair, the Kazar numbered around 30,000 people.

Even though there have been a number of attempts in the past to unite the Uigan and Kazar, who closely resemble one another, the two nations despise each other. In 424 AC, the Kazar were falsely blamed for the murder of Krogan Boyla, ruler of the Uigan. In truth, they were setup by Chovuk Tegin who was the true killer of Krogan, and who also became Boyla shortly after. He declared war on the Kazar and led his forces towards their lands. Before reaching the primary settlement of Khal, Chovuk formed an alliance with the Wretched Ones and sent them into Khal. The goblins decimated the town and all those within, whilst the Uigan rode in afterwards and slew any survivors they found.

The Kazar were broken as a nation by the Uigan with few survivors remaining.

The People

Males of the Kazar look very similar to Uigan, except they don't shave their heads. They often have their hair long and also maintain long braided moustaches. They do not believe in facial tattoos, considering it a disgusting tradition of the Uigan. They also wear turbans wrapped around their heads and wear furs and hides.

The women of the Kazar dress in furs and leathers, decorating their clothes with fringe and beads. Unmarried Kazar women wear a large amount of silver ornaments to show the dowry that their fathers will pay a suitor.

The Kazar live in yurts that are near identical to the Uigan yurts, and tend large herds of camels and horses. For all their fighting, the Kazar are wily traders, who trade openly with the Ice People and then also trade with the merchants of the Imperial League.


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