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Settlement TypeVillage
CountrySouthern Hosk
LeaderBishop of Hith

Hawkbluff was a settlement in the nation of Thenol that was located southwest of New Aurim along the southern branch of the New Mountains. It was the location of the Temple of Hith and was also the home of the Bishop of Hith, ruler of Thenol.

The settlement resided on a rocky tor that was located in a small valley and was surrounded by the forested realm of Hawkvale. Passages and chambers were carved into the rock, leading to audience chambers and a grand hall for the senate. Altars and private reception areas were also located throughout the rocky tor. Further into the rock were the libraries, study chambers and private apartments of the priests, as well as several treasure chambers and chapels.

A series of cells for detaining heretics were kept in the depths of Hawkbluff, as were the kitchens, storerooms, larders and lavatories. Outside of the tor were a number of workshops, granaries, and the houses of the lords.

In the heart of Hawkbluff, close to the senate hall, lay the private chambers of the Bishop of Thenol. Secret viewing tunnels and listening posts could be accessed from the bishop's quarters alone, so the ruler could know of all that transpired within the walls of Hawkbluff.

Prior to the rise of Hawkbluff, a number of peaceful villages resided in the area. However with the arrival of the priests of Hith and the increased numbers of undead in the region, the villages were left deserted.

Thenol Campaign

When the Thenol Campaign began in 421 AC, the current Bishop of Hith, Ondelos, sealed the fate of Hawkbluff. Initially the undead of Thenol waged a bloody war against the Imperial League and looked to be greater power. However eventually the might of the Minotaur forces broke through in 424 AC, Ondelos was slain and Hawkbluff was left little more than broken and crushed rock.


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