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NicknameCity of Songs
Settlement TypeMetropolis
CountryAurim Empire
LeaderEmperor of Aurim

Aurim was a wondrous city and the capital of the Aurim Empire in the Age of Might. The buildings of Aurim were constructed of marble or lapis, and they had gold domes, and many golden bridges lay throughout the vast city as well.

Soldiers rode Hippogriffs overhead, guarding the city from aerial attack, as well as serving as scouts for approaching ground forces. Outside of the city, lay green fields and golden hills, full of rice, grapes, olives and all manner of food to ensure the city was self-sufficient. The sprawling metropolis lay along the banks of River Ush and it's docks and jetties were set alongside the river.

The city was destroyed in 0 PC when the gods rained fire down upon the city and the entire Aurim Empire during the Great Destruction. An attempt to resurrect the city was made in 425 AC by the former emperor Maladar an-Desh, however his efforts were thwarted by a band of adventurers.

Areas of Aurim

Square of Spears


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