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Kesh Ak-Chorr

Article written by Uziel

NameKesh Ak-Chorr
Birth? AC
Death424 AC
NationalityImperial League
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationBodyguard of Ruskal Eight-Fingers

Kesh Ak-Chorr (? AC - Spring, 424 AC) was a powerful Minotaur warrior, who was granted to Ruskal Eight-Fingers as a slave. Over the years, the two became close friends, and Kesh served Ruskal throughout his tenure in the Imperial Legions. He distinguished himself in one particular battle, entering a fight against thirty Thenoli Death Warriors and emerging as the victor. During the fight, he lost one of his horns and the part of one ear, but was otherwise fine.

In the spring of 424 AC, whilst guarding Ruskal in Blood Eye Tower, the brave warrior was struck by shadow creatures and killed.


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