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Article written by Kranar Drogin

Birth? PC
Death? AC
RaceRed Dragon
Eye ColorUnknown

Raider (? PC - ? AC) was a Red Dragon that was the son of Potanz, and the brother to Keropas. He had scales that were six inches across in his early years of life.

In 730 PC, Raider attempted to claim a valley near Karthay in the Worldscap Mountains. A Copper Dragon, Cirrus, also wanted the same valley. Little did they know, but the Bronze Dragon Venerable Ro came to the valley to die. He told them both that whom ever was the victor would get his valley and become one with it, while the loser would suffer. Cirrus defeated Raider by burying him in mountain rock, her reward was for Venerable Ro to turn her into a solid gold statue, killing her.

His "reward" was for him to suffer for the years to come. Venerable Ro released Raider so that he would weaken the red dragons. He also sustained a shoulder scar that would continue to hurt him in cold air and snowy weather, or from when he put too much stress on it from flying. He vowed he would become a very powerful dragon over his lifespan, serving the Dragonqueen to his utmost. He was last known to have been around in 385 AC.


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