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Dereg Reynhold

Article written by Klangor

NameDereg Raynhold
Birth? PC
Death? PC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationKnight of the Sword

Dereg Raynhold (? PC - ? PC) was a male Human and a Knight of the Sword who aided Waylorn Wyversbane in the defeat of Sylvyana, the Ghoul Queen, in the years after the Third Dragon War.

The Ghoul Queen

Shortly after the conflict between Silvanesti and the forces of the Ghoul Queen started, Dereg and a group of adventurers, which included Waylorn Wyvernsbane, came to the aid of the elves. They helped the Silvanesti elves and finally managed to seriously hurt Sylvyana. In the battle, Darkstar, his gods-given blade, later known as Mantooth, played a major role.

During the final battle against the elf sorceress and her forces, he and his sword were cursed. Dereg and his companions still managed to defeat Sylvyana. After the end of the war he went to Silvanost. There he learnt of the Fountain of Renewal, a sacred place where he could be redeemed. Encouraged by his friends he started a trial in search of the fabled place. Finally he found the Fountain and its magical waters cleaned the dark stain of his soul and blade.


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