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Land Shorn

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The Land Shorn are a group of Dargonesti Elves that believe their humanoid bodies are a remnant of their past and prefer to live as dolphins. The Land Shorn are loyal to Watermere, but have increased the political division problems of the Dargonesti post War of Souls politics.

Land Shorn will sometimes mate with normal dolphins and the offspring that results from this union are dolphins that are as intelligent as elves, but cannot take elven form.

Becoming a Land Shorn

To become a Land Shorn, a Dargonesti must attain the god Abbuku's (Habbakuk) permission to change into a dolphin. Succeeding in the Cavern Trials of the god does this. After these trials, the Dargonesti can change into a dolphin over the normal porpoise.


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