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The Purists is a group of Dargonesti Elves in Watermere. The group formed after the War of Souls when many Dargonesti were seeking answers from different sources. One of the major tenants of their beliefs is that the Dargonesti Elves are actually two races: those descended from Dimernesti Purifiers and those descended from Daydra Stonecipher. They believe that those descended from the Dimernesti Elves to be inferior. The Purists use vague legends to support their beliefs. Whether Daydra was even a sea elf and how the Dragonesti were created are among those that are vague.

Other tenants of their beliefs include racial purity and ancestor worship over recognizing the returned Gods. The Purists also believe that only a true Dargonesti descended from Daydra can be a true spellcaster. So they have a large following among traditional Wizards in Watermere. This has also positioned them against the use of Spell-fables that originated in Istar. The Purists believe their use is a corruption of Daydra's gift.

By the year 426 AC, the Purists had began to seriously drive a wedge in the politics of the Dargonesti people. They even had at least some influence with the Speaker of the Moon Nakaro Silverwake.


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