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Verhanna Kanan

Article written by Uziel & Darcwulf

Verhanna Kanan (? PC - ? PC) was a Half-Elf and the daughter of Kith-Kanan and Suzine des Quivalin. She was born during the Kinslayer War and by 2140 PC was known for her great tantrums and rude demands. However she quickly matured and by 2072 PC, Verhanna was a proud and fearless girl, who had light brown hair, dark brown eyes and was the pride of her father.

Verhanna by Darcwulf.
Verhanna by Darcwulf.
NameVerhanna Kanan
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
OccupationPrincess of Qualinost
SpouseKemian Ambrodel
Children Several, Vixa Ambrodel

Guard of the Sun

In 1892 PC, Verhanna had fully developed her warrior skills and served as a captain in the Guards of the Sun under Lord Kemian Ambrodel. Verhanna and her subordinate Merithynos came across the kender Rufus Wrinklecap, who led them to the camp of some slavers which they were hunting. They subdued the slavers, with the aid of Rufus, and captured the leader of the slavers, who turned out to be Verhanna's brother Ulvian. She ordered her brother be put in chains until the arrival of Lord Kemian Ambrodel. Lord Kemian sent Verhanna away southeast, in search of other slaver camps.

In the company of Rufus, Verhanna captured the slaver Diviros Chandarell and freed the three elven slaves he was keeping. Verhanna realised she had to escort the three slaves back to Qualinost and had to give up on finding more slavers. On the return journey, she and Rufus left the three freed slaves to save a human woman from a small band of goblin marauders. The half-elf suffered from her wounds and fell unconscious, and her kender companion did his best to treat her and lead her to an elven settlement. Rufus led Verhanna to a small camp of elven immigrants bound for Qualinesti and came upon the young elf Kivinellis, who he and Verhanna had freed from Diviros' clutches earlier. Kivinellis led them to a mysterious elf known as Greenhands, who used magic to heal Verhanna of her wounds.


Rufus and Verhanna allowed Greenhands to travel with them to Pax Tharkas, and on the way they continued to be amazed with his attunement with nature. They befriended the Sons of the Wind on a leg of their journey and eventually joined up with Kemian Ambrodel and the Guards of the Sun at Black Stone Peak. Verhanna participated in the fight against the sorcerer Drulethen and witnessed the sorcerer's defeat by Greenhands. She raged when her father told her that Greenhands was her half-brother, as after years of not wishing for a mate, the elf she was starting to fall for turned out to be her half-sibling. She then returned to Qualinost with her father and companions, on the backs of the Sons of the Wind. Back in Qualinost, Verhanna accompanied Rufus and Greenhands (now known as Silveran Kanan), as she grew concerned over the fact that Silveran seemed to be haunted by Drulethen's ghost. When Silveran in a deluded state struck Kith-Kanan down, Verhanna was one of the first to discover the pair. She soon discovered that Ulvian had been manipulating Silveran through the Amulet of Hiddukel and ordered him confined. However Ulvian managed to flee just as Kith-Kanan passed away.

Kemian Ambrodel

Once Silveran became the new Speaker of the Sun, Verhanna was made the General of the Guards of the Sun and a close advisor to the Speaker. In 1891 PC, when she learnt that Kemian Ambrodel sought her hand in marriage, she told him that if he could beat her in a duel, she would agree to marry him. Kemian did indeed defeat Verhanna in battle and the pair wed, later having several children, including a daughter, Vixa. She personally trained Vixa in the martial arts, raising her to become a warrior like Verhanna was.


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