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Settlement TypeUnknown
FoundedCirca 416 AC

The Brathnoc city of Hygant is located in Hygant Forest of the Courrain Ocean. The buildings are woven from the kelp of the forest that is still connected to the stalks and are about a hundred feet from the sea floor. At the heart of the city is a great canopied pavilion where the brathnoc that speaks for his people and is the conduit for the Synod lives.

Age of Mortals

In the Age of Mortals, a band of savage brathnoc entered the kelp forest known as Hygant Forest. They were looking for food and ate the kelp there. The kelp of the forest allowed them to think clearly for the first time. The band then lured more of their kind to the forest to help them and together around 416 AC made the city.

In 426 AC, the brathnoc of Hygant entered an alliance with the Dimernesti Elves of Dimernost.


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