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Ragh (ca. ? AC -? AC) is a Sivak Draconian who was one of the travelling companions of Dhamon Grimwulf following his departure from the Heroes of the Heart. Ragh was over ten feet tall with broad shoulders and covered in the normal silver scales of a sivak. The draconian had jet black eyes and stubby horns along the sides of it's head. One of the horns had been split whilst Ragh was enslaved by the dragonspawn in Polagnar. The draconian's wings had been amputated, leaving two great scars on his back, and his claws had been removed as well, leaving blunt human-like fingers remaining. His claws reformed and became metal after he dipped them in a pool of quicksilver in the Kharolis Mountains.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
NationalityLords of Doom
Hair ColorNone
Eye ColorUnknown

Early Life

Ragh was created during the War of the Lance and served as a spy in the armies of Takhisis near the Lords of Doom. His apellation was therefore Ragh of Doom. During the Age of Mortals, Ragh entered the service of the black Dragon Overlord Onysablet. He loyally served the dragon for a number of years, before being given over to Sable's servant Nura Bint-Drax, to become a tool with which to create Black Dragonspawn. Ragh resisted and was tortured and punished in the village of Polagnar where he was chained up like a dog, and still used to create spawn anyway. To prevent his escape and resistance, his talons were removed and his wings were amputated.

Dhamon Grimwulf

In the summer of 420 AC, Dhamon Grimwulf and his companions entered the village, killing the black dragonspawn and driving off Nura. Dhamon's friend Maldred was prepared to execute the draconian prisoner, however Dhamon stopped him and told Ragh that he would now serve the band.

The party found the ancient pirate treasures that Mal and Dhamon had learnt about much earlier and recovered several items. However during the recovery, Varek's leg was crushed and had to be amputated. Maldred's true form was revealed to Varek, Ragh and Rikali at last, and Rikali finally told Dhamon that she was pregnant with his child.

The group were captured by the Legion of Steel, following information supplied by Satin and her thieves. They were imprisoned in Wheatland, however Varek and Rikali were released when the half-elf supplied information on all Dhamon and Mal's activities to the Legion commander. Dhamon and Maldred managed to escape execution however with the aid of Ragh, and the three escaped and made it towards the city of Shrentak and found Mad Maab, the Sage of the Plains. Ragh and Dhamon met Maab, who whilst Dhamon was unconscious and being healed of dragon scales, declared that Ragh would be her servant. The draconian reacted violently to the thought of being enslaved and killed Maab. On Dhamon's awakening, Ragh told him that Maab was unable to remove his large dragon scale and that they should head off and exact vengeance on Nura Bint-Drax. The pair found themselves in one of Sable's many dungeons in the area, where they freed Rig Mer-Krel and Fiona Quinti along with several other prisoners. On escaping the dungeon however, Rig was slain, whilst Ragh and the others all fled on the backs of manticores. The manticores were attacked by black dragonspawn however, resulting in Ragh, Dhamon and Fiona falling into the sea. The trio managed to reach the island of Nostar, where they encountered chaos wights. A wight stripped the memory that Ragh had of Nura Bint-Drax and his desire for vengeance. Dhamon temporarily drove off the wights, and Maldred, who through use of magic, transported them back to Onysablet's swamp then rejoined the group.

The dragon insisted that Dhamon and Ragh go on a mission to kill Onysablet. Maldred, Ragh, Dhamon and Fiona set off for Shrentak, and instead of facing Onysablet, Dhamon decided to return to the shadow dragon and kill it. The group returned to find an empty lair and set off in search of the dragon, crossing the New Sea and making their way to Throt. The group found a goblin tribe, who instantly began to worship Dhamon and especially Ragh. The goblins happily joined the companions and with Ragh and Fiona at their head, led an assault on the hobgoblins who surrounded the village where Rikali and Varek made their home. Ragh and Fiona met with Rikali and Varek briefly, and then went off in pursuit of Maldred, Dhamon and the shadow dragon.

Ragh and Fiona reached the lair of the shadow dragon, and the draconian launched himself onto Nura Bint-Drax, leaving her unconscious before facing the dragon itself. Fiona was struck down and killed, however the combined might of Dhamon, Maldred and Ragh was enough to kill the shadow dragon at last. Dhamon, now transformed into a shadow dragon, bore Ragh aloft as they bid a quiet farewell to Maldred and set off on a new adventure.

The Lake of Death

The draconian continued to travel with the shadow dragon Dhamon and the pair caused havoc throughout Onysablet's swamp, stealing a good deal of her treasure and ravaging her forces. The pair were joined by Dhamon's former companion Feril, who aided them in Dhamon's quest to bring the fight to the Dragon Overlord. Ragh and Dhamon learnt of yet another method to make the shadow dragon into a human once more, however Feril destroyed the magical trinkets that would help him do so, and revealed that she had been turned into an agent of Onysablet. Ragh was able to break the scale on Feril and destroy the Overlord's hold over the elf. Dhamon then faced Onysablet and killed her in battle, before dying shortly after. Ragh and Feril could only watch helplessly as their friend passed away. The draconian shed his first tears at the loss of his only true friend.

Feril invited Ragh to become her companion and journey with her, so they could share their stories and memories of Dhamon some more. The draconian decided to accompany the elf and begin a new friendship.


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