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Chisel Loremaster

Article written by Gerrin & Uziel

Chisel Loremaster (? PC - ? AC) was born as a wise Smith who was a historian of his people and sought to record the story of the Smiths. However the Smiths were cursed for their pride and turned into Gnomes, which is what Chisel became next. When the Graygem of Gargath travelled across the face of Ansalon, Chisel was turned into a Scion.

After becoming a Scion he was invisible to his people, many of which had been transformed into Dwarves, and the rest of the world. Chisel then decided to watch and record the tale of the dwarves to present it to future generations.

NameChisel Loremaster
AliasRegal Everwise
Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorUnknown
Weight170 lbs

Chisel collects his information with a stubbornness of a dwarf and refuses to retract any error. His observations are also flavored with the prejudice and resentment that dwarves often display. The records of Chisel Loremaster are considered to be prized works as their words are filled with the seed of truth. It was also noted that Chisel Loremaster worked with the elven bard, Quivalen Soth.

Chisel Loremaster has been known to work for Astinus and the Great Library of Palanthas on and off for over 2000 years.

Kender Tales

Some accounts allege that he had worked with for the Great Library for over 3000 years. However this is impossible, given the Great Library was only founded in 1772 PC.


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