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Birth? AC
DeathWinter, 353 AC
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationDefends Shemnara

Tully (? AC - 353 AC) was a Fighter who lived in the town of Potter's Mill. He was tall and ragged, dressed in leathers and carrying several weapons, including a loaded crossbow. His hair was grey and long and flew wildly about his head, dangling down to mix with his busy salt-and-pepper beard. One of the man's eyes was missing, and a long vicious scar ran across his face and under the eye path he wore. He protected the small village from the bandit warlord, Gadion and his men.


When Tully and his sister, Shemnara were young, they used to explore. On one trip to Karoc-tor, they stumbled onto the ancient power of the Dragon Well. Tully was fascinated by the liquid and threw a rock in. The liquid from the basin splashed onto his sister's face, blinding her. The young man felt guilty all of his life and vowed to protect his little sister. He retrieved the liquid from the well for many years for his sister, for although it took away her sight, it gave her the ability to see the future. This went on for years until the bandit, Gadion, took possession of Karoc-Tor for himself.

In the winter of 353 AC, Gadion used a dark monster called the Beast to attempt to kill the leader/seer of Potter's Mill, Shemnara. Tully died defending his sister, Shemnara, when the Beast attacked the house she was staying in.


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