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Birth? AC
Death353 AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationBandit Leader

Gadion (? AC - 353 AC) was a Human warlord who led a group of bandits, operating out of the Citadel of Karoc-Tor. He was a thin, scruffy man with un-kept hair. Gadion had a well-trimmed goatee and had clothes much nicer than any of his group of bandit. Mercy meant nothing to Gadion and his men as they threatened local villages for years for their food and supplies. Gadion was even known to have worked for the black robed wizard, Maddoc, and used some of Maddoc's unholy creations against his enemies.


Gadion was a leader who ruled by fear and ruthlessness. He and his group of bandits set up their base on the remains of the Citadel of Karoc-Tor. From there, they attacked and threatened the local towns for supplies. One such town was Potter's Mill. For many years Potter's Mill submitted to Gadion's threats until the War of the Lance came along. Many of the young men of Potter's Mill joined the armies of good and some returned, stronger and with fighting skills they did not have before. In 353 AC, Gadion and his men came to Potter's Mill for their yearly threatening and intimidation, but it did not work. The people of Potter's Mill fought back and some of Gadion's men were killed.

The bandit leader was furious and asked the black wizard Maddoc for use of his evil, monstrous pet, the Beast to unleash upon the townsfolk and make them submissive once again. The Beast killed livestock first as a warning then came against the citizens. The leader of Potter's Mill, Shemnara, was a seer and used her visions to see that a group of young heroes would stop Gadion once and for all. The young heroes were Davyn, Sindri Suncatcher, Nearra, Elidor, and Catriona Goodlund.

Gadion sent the Beast once more to destroy Potter's Mill and its leader Shemnara but the young heroes were there to fend the attack. As the heroes tracked the Beast, Gadion sent his men out who found the young heroes and captured them. Gadion's bandits carried them back to the Broken Citadel of Karoc-Tor. This was just too much for Gadion who thought Potter's Mill must be desperate to send children so he tasked the Beast to finish the job and destroy the small village. Trying to gain the favor of the black wizard, Gadion stabbed the young knight Catriona in the chest and threw the heroes in prison so they could watch her die slowly hoping that would aid the wizard's purpose for the young hero, Nearra.

Gadion was pleased with himself and did not realize that not only did the heroes escape but found a power hidden beneath Karoc-tor. They found the Dragon Well, a source of power using the souls of Dragons. Elidor and Davyn left Karoc-Tor to stop the Beast while Catriona, Sindri Suncatcher, and Nearra stayed back to stop Gadion from discovering this source of power. It was too late though, because Gadion had discovered it and with his 4 men fought to destroy the heroes who stood in between himself and infinite power. In the battle, Catriona feint a weakness in her sword technique and stabbed Gadion across his belly, ending the life of the bandit once and for all.


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