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Aurish Language

Article written by Ambro & Uziel

The Aurish Language was spoken by the people of Aurim on Taladas. There was also a dialect called High Aurish. It is also commonly known as Auric and is still spoken by the Glass Sailors and the folk of the Rainward Isles.

Aurish is the cornerstone of many developed languages in Southern Hosk, given the length and breadth of the Aurim Empire, and its former influence. Aurish has close ties with Panak Language, Baltch Language, Marak Kender Language, Gnomish, Hitehkel, Thenolian Language and Kothian Language.

Aurish Words

Akistah - A type of strong drink.
Churqa - Special ship used to sail the Shinning Lands. It is the size of a small warship.
Elas - 'It shall be done'
Fel Skotos - 'Forest of Night'.
Ghelim - Refers to magical constructs (See Kheten Voi).
Hlafdae - 'High King'
Ishan Tokh - 'The Vault of Eyes'
Kheten Voi - 'Quiet Host.' Refers to magical constructs.
Krahd - Weapon that is like a hammer with a claw-shaped head.
Krenaz Bur - 'The World Between'
Shalukh - A curse-word.
Serai - A Glass Sailor encampment.
Talga - A scimitar-like sword.
Tchakkir - A healer and wise woman.
Tokhu - Refers to the silver band within the Ishan Tokh.
Xogat - Special ship used to sail the Shinning Lands. It is the size of a skiff.
Xogatai - Plural of Xogat.

Aurish Phrases

"Cha burush, cha yûn, cha kintai" means "One realm, one rule, one empire"


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