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Dryads or Oak-Maidens are female Fey humanoids of the woodlands. They look like Elf women at first glance. Their appearance changes with the seasons or with the state of their oak tree. During most seasons, their eyes are green. In the spring and summer, their skin is tan and their hair is green. During the fall, their skin is pale and their hair becomes brown. In the winter, their skin and hair turn white like snow and their eyes become grey.

They are linked to their oak trees that birthed them and if the tree dies so does the dryad. The trees can also serve as portals to the Faerie Realm. The trees of the dryads in Darken Wood are also linked like gates.

Dryads typically mate with satyrs, but don't care for it. They sometimes seduce Humans to join them in their trees.

There are rumors of strange dryads resulting from the changes to the land done by the Dragon Overlords.

Dryad Lands

Dryads are known to live in the forests of Silvanesti, the Dryad Forests of the Darken Wood, and the Dryads' Grove on Schallsea among other woodlands.

Kender Tales

Some sources say that a dryad is so linked to her tree that she can't go far from it. Another source states that this might not be true. That there has been a dryad that studied at the Citadel of Light and some that wandered the plains of Abanasinia before the War of Souls trying to get support for the Qualinesti resistance of the Dark Knights.


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