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Uigan Language

Article written by Ambro & Uziel

The Uigan Language is the language spoken by the Uigan, horse-riding nomads of Tamire on Taladas.

Uigan Words

Acha - Part of a ritual farewell
Ajagh - A large type of antelope
Ajaghai - A herd of ajagh.
Anda - A rite of passage.
Ardang - Unknown
Arshuk - A two-handed saber
Burya Ilquar - 'Little Ilquar'
Cangue - A torture device used on Uigan slaves.
Charvat - A giant lizard.
Huraj - ' Horax'
Hurajai - 'Cutters of bone'. Refers to multiple huraj.
Jasho - 'Monkey'
Shuk - A type of saber
Shuk yani cha - Unknown
Tak - 'Wait'
takhanshi - 'They who linger.' Refers to a child that dies before its first year.
Takhansho - Singular of Takhanshi.
Tamire - 'Fair Land'
Tamogiur - 'Land for Passing Through'
Tegin - A Uigan clan lord that answers only to the Boyla.
Tenach - 'Protector,' 'Enforcer,' or 'Friend.' Also, a position of a warrior sworn to protect a Uigan lord.
Tenachai - Plural of Tenach
Uesi Ilquar - 'Big Ilquar'
Utanka - A children's game.
Xagal - 'The claw'
Yagrut - Type of profanity
Yani shuk - Unknown
Yaquadin - A sort of ritual kidnapping of a bride
Yemuna - 'Ghost widows'
Yurt - The tents of the Uigan.

Uigan Sayings in Uigan

  • "Chakta yani anchak" means "My life for my master's."
  • "Ajan tu Hult chana" It likely means "My name is Hult."
  • "Aki bo tumagi!" means "Woe and great pain!."
  • "Akan Tsekushu!" It likely means "People of the Mountain!"

Uigan Sayings

  • "Acha, lord of the grasslands, master of many herds, Jijin see you to your rest among your fathers in the fields beyond." A ritual farewell to a Boyla that just died.
  • "The unprotected throat cries to be cut." Means people should be ready for attack.
  • "Be my eyes, tenach." followed by "And your shield, Tegin." A ritual promise between a tenach and a tegin.
  • "Dry as a dwarf's eye." Saying used to refer to dried up wells.
  • "Only the witless bowman starves." Saying used to refer to the riches of the land.


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