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Wanderer (Autumn 352 AC - ? AC) was a tall male plainsman originally of the Qué-Shu. His hair is black and eyes are dark but piercing and keen. Wanderer's face was sharp and hawklike. When he was a young man he was tall and thin and when he was an older man he was still thin. As an older man his skin was weathered and his face had etched lines. Wanderer would not speak if a gesture would do.

Wanderer by Darcwulf.
Wanderer by Darcwulf.
Birth Autumn 352 AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark
OccupationMilitary Leader
SiblingsMoonsong, Brightdawn

Wanderer was the eldest child of Goldmoon and Riverwind. He had two sisters: Moonsong and Brightdawn. He had one son, Cloudhawk. He is named after his great grandfather on his father's side, Wanderer the Elder.

On the Plains of Dust, Wanderer and his band often camped by the Shelf.

Early Age

During the War of the Lance, Goldmoon became pregnant and the following autumn Wanderer was born. When he was very young, he was tall and could sit on a horse better than most warriors. When he had come of age he moved, stood, and talked just like his father.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, Wanderer's wife was killed by a shadow-wight. Due to the nature of shadow-wights no one can remember her at all. The only way they know she existed at all was that Wanderer had a son that obviously had a mother. After this, Wanderer became dour and rarely smiled.

Post Chaos War

As War Leader of the united Abanasinian Plainsmen tribes, Wanderer was rarely home because he was fighting the Tarmak that settled in the Eastwall Mountains after the Chaos War.

In 386 AC after hearing of his father's death, Wanderer left the Qué-Shu with his son and traveled south. Then sometime after the founding of the Citadel of Light, Wanderer became a Citadel Guardian. He and his band, including Mystics, roamed the lands near Duntollik of the Plains of Dust and brought the Citadel's message to the plainsmen and centaurs and at the same time keeping an eye on the dragons ruling the surrounding lands. Wanderer would also look for news from Thorbardin. He would send news of the what was going on the Plains of Dust to the Abanasinian Plainsmen.

War of Souls

Goldmoon's spirit came to Wanderer and told him to travel south, which he did. There he and his band encountered the Qualinesti Elves on the plains in exile. They were trying to travel across the plains to Silvanesti. Wanderer agreed to help them, show them how to survive on the plains, and take them as far as King's Highway so long as they went to Silvanesti from there and did not return.

After helping the elves, Wanderer met with the other plainsmen leaders and the clan leaders of the centaurs under the World Tree and agreed to go to war with the armies amassing in the south. There they found the Tarmak invading the plains. Wanderer then helped lead the people of the plains against them.

Kender Tales

It was stated that in 356 AC Wanderer was two, but since Goldmoon revealed that she was pregnant with him early in 352 AC he would have been four then. Also, during the War of Souls, Tancred believed him to be in his mid fifties, but Wanderer was much older.


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