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Brianna Rathskell

Article written by Kranar Drogin

NameBrianna Rathskell
Birth? AC
Death427 AC
Hair ColorCopper-red
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationDuchess of Solanthus
SpouseNathias Rathskell

Brianna Rathskell (? AC - 427 AC) was the very young, very beautiful Duchess of Solanthus during Ankhar's War. She was married to Nathias Rathskell before he was later killed by Goblins when he tried to flee from a besieged Solanthus. The people of the city rallied behind her, and for two years they were able to hold off the goblin hordes in the Siege of Solanthus starting in 425 AC.

When General Jaymes Markham visited the city, she was enraptured by this man of power, even going so far to share her bed with this married man. During the Battle for Solanthus in 427 AC, an arrow from the attacking army killed her. She was borne through the city and interred in the Nobles Vault beneath the Cleft Spire.


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