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Kirah DiThon

Article written by Darcwulf & Nilstria Archmagus

Kirah DiThon (327 AC350 AC) was the younger sister of Guerrand DiThon and Aunt of Bram DiThon. Born and raised in Thonvil in Northern Ergoth, it was also where she spent the bulk of her life. She eventually became the Seneschal of Castle DiThon before becoming tragically entwined in Lyim Rhistadt's fate.

Kirah by Nilstria.
EnlargeKirah by Nilstria.
NameKirah DiThon
Birth327 AC
Death350 AC
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
OccupationSeneschal of Castle DiThon
SiblingsGuerrand DiThon
Quinn DiThon
Cormac DiThon

Kirah was a skinny 12 year old in the Spring 339 AC with tangled filthy blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin and a generally disheveled appearance. Kirah was an adventurous, carefree, opinionated and outspoken young girl who always dreamt of leaving the castle she felt she wasn't her home. After the betrayal of Guerrand's departure she changed becoming sullen and withdrawn. As an adult Kirah was still a skinny woman, with straggly blonde hair, but maintained a neater, more groomed appearance. Her demeanor was further altered by her time spent in the capitol; she became skittish and even more withdrawn. By the time she is High Seneschal of Castle DiThon Kirah is the spitting image of her mother with silky blonde hair, vivid blue eyes and distinct stubborn streak.

Early Life

Kirah DiThon was the youngest child of Lord Rejik DiThon, and his second wife Zena DiThon, who died giving birth to her. Rejik DiThon succumbed to his grief not long after, so Kirah was raised by her older half-brother Cormac DiThon and his Solamnic wife, Rietta DiThon. Kirah spent her childhood defying her substitute mother scampering through the ventilation tunnels of Castle DiThon, as if they were her own private domain. From these tunnels Kirah observed much of the private workings of the castle and it's inhabitants, from Cormac DiThon's shady schemes to Guerrand DiThon's magical studies.

The only two members of her family that Kirah actually cared for and considered as family were her two full brothers, Guerrand and Quinn DiThon. The death of Quinn, an Ergothian Cavalier, in the Spring of 339 AC at the hands brigands caused her great grief, leaving her, to her thinking at least, with only Guerrand to count on. As a young child Kirah had long maintained a fantasy of her and her brother Guerrand running away to Gwynned where he could freely study the craft of magic. In this fantasy Kirah placed herself as a light-fingered thief living by her quick wits and nimble touch. So when Guerrand left for the Tower of Wayreth to pursue his dreams of a life of magical wonders, she was infuriated at his betrayal, for leaving her behind.

In the Autumn of 339 AC through the machinations of the then Master of the Red Robes, Belize and the ineptitude of Cormac DiThon, a small army from the neighboring lord led by a Knight of Solamnia, one Morris Whetfeld, marched upon Castle DiThon. Lyim Rhistadt who was at that time still a friend of Guerrand had volunteered to journey to Ergoth to save the DiThon's. Magically Rhistadt altered Kirah's appearance into that of the Ingrid Berwick, Morris Whetfeld's newly wed wife and pulled enough memories from the knight's mind to convince all that it was indeed Lady Ingrid. With this faux Ingrid in his power Rhistadt was able to command the army to turn around. And thus Kirah and Rhistadt averted a war.
However, Rhistadt did indeed hold power over his captive for the young, impressionable, and naïve Kirah became enamored of the charming and handsome apprentice wizard and managed to convince herself that she was in love with him.

The Medusa Plague

When Rietta DiThon tried to marry Kirah off to a toothless old man 30 years her senior, the young DiThon woman finally followed her dream and left for the capital. She spent around seven months in Gwynned before returning to Thonvil a vastly changed woman. Kirah always refused to talk of her experiences in the capital, but her nephew Bram DiThon feared that something truly awful had happened to her. So by the age of nineteen in 346 AC Kirah was living above the village bakery where she worked part time to support herself.

It was at this time that Lyim Rhistadt introduced the Medusa Plague into Thonvil in an effort to draw out Guerrand DiThon the High Defender of Bastion. Rhistadt schemed to free himself of the curse of a snake entity that had bonded in place of his right arm. Upon encountering Kirah, Lyim convinced her to take a flask containing a potion he said would prevent the plague, when in reality it was the plague. Effectively Rhistadt personally infects Kirah with the Medusa Plague. However, Guerrand DiThon returned at the behest of his nephew and eventually managed to cure all the victims of plague including Kirah, but not before she had suffered through all of the agonising symptoms and ended up with all her limbs transformed into writhing serpents.

Seneschal of Castle DiThon

By 348 AC Kirah DiThon was a healthy confident woman who performed her duties as Seneschal of Castle DiThon with the fervor of someone who truly cared about the community. She had not married proclaiming that she had not come across anyone worthy. After the death of Cormac DiThon, Kirah together with her brother Guerrand, looked after Bram DiThon's holdings, - Castle DiThon and Thonvil, for the two years he spent getting to know the ways of his mothers people the Tuatha Dundarael. During these two years she proves she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and often works in the fields beside the villagers and as a result becomes tanned and muscled. It was also during this time that she once more becomes close to her brother Guerrand healing the rift that developed between them when he left to pursue his magical aspirations.

Kirah's Fall

Kirah by Darcwulf.
EnlargeKirah by Darcwulf.

In the winter 350 AC when Bram and Guerrand DiThon left on their mission to assassinate Lyim Rhistadt for the Conclave, Kirah snuck into the piece of Belize's mirror that was in Guerrand's possession. She emerged at a critical juncture in the confrontation in Qindaras and Lyim used the threat of her death to force Guerrand and Bram to surrender. Kirah agreed to stay with Lyim if he would free the two DiThon men, but in truth she still loves the now utterly mad and despotic tyrant and wished to stay.

When the two escape the dungeons of Qindaras and once more challenged Rhistadt, Kirah stopped Bram from killing Lyim with the excuse that it would also kill Guerrand, but the sad truth was that she wanted neither of them harmed. This leads to Guerrand cutting the Gauntlet of Ventyr from Lyim's arm, hand and all, whilst he was suspended from that same hand high above a plaza. Thus Kirah saved her maniacal lover, but condemned her brother to a plummeting death and failed mission.

Kirah stayed with Lyim as the army of Qindaras as it marched on the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth, guilt wracked, but clearly in Rhistadt's thrall. When the Qindaran army was annihilated by the combined forces of Elves, Dwarves, and men, Rhistadt left to mount a one manned assault on the Tower. He took Kirah with him on his demonic mount. Kirah DiThon was mortally wounded when she touched Rhistadt as he was trying to suck in all the magic of the Tower. Refusing to let her nephew heal her Kirah DiThon died at the age of twenty-three.


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