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Ironhawk (? AC - ? AC) was a nomadic Human plainsman. He was the oldest sibling in a family of three to five children (exact number unknown). His brothers and sisters looked upon him as a protector and provider. Ironhawk and his siblings share an animosity towards his sickly parents, ashamed of them and feeling they are nothing more than criminals. Ironhawk's family had become fugitives, viewed with suspicion and forced to flee their homeland to avoid being thrown in jail. Ironhawk's parents betrayed a Thieves' Guild in his native land, which has sent assassins out to kill him.

Birth? AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown

At some point, Ironhawk befriended an undisclosed Warrior and traveled with one of his siblings, who had befriended the Dryads of Schallsea. Ironhawk became a skilled warrior and archer. His senses of smell and hearing became acute, allowing him to move through dark forests with ease.

Ironhawk's beloved uncle would tell him tales of a relative that sacrificed himself to stop a great evil. These tales filled Ironhawk with wanderlust, leading him to become an adventurer. However, his aunt successfully plotted to kill his uncle in a fire set by his pipe. This left Ironhawk determined to master fire, leading him to the desire to master pyromancy. Thus Ironhawk left his people to travel the world in search of sorcerous knowledge.

Ironhawk once saved the life of a traveling Mystic who rewarded him with a magical long sword created by Silvanesti artisans. Ironhawk lived with the mystic for a time, learning the mystic sphere of animism. However, the thieves' guild caught up with Ironhawk, forcing him to do their bidding for a time, holding his mystic friend hostage to ensure Ironhawk's obedience. Ironhawk tried breaking their hold over him and freeing the mystic, but failed and saw his mentor slain before his eyes. This trauma, as well as the death of his uncle, has left him filled with guilt.

At some point, Ironhawk became the last of his tribe. His tribe was destroyed by a Dragon, which has caused a deep hatred of all dragons smoldering in his heart. Seldom does a night pass that this troubled youth does not cry out in his sleep.


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