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Dwarfgate War

Article written by Gerrin

The Dwarfgate War could trace its roots back to the period following the Cataclysm when Neidar refugees attempted to enter Thorbardin. High Thane Duncan knowing that he did not have the farming capability to save all the dwarves refuses to allow them to enter. By forcing the Neidar to stay out of Thorbardin, Duncan hopes that the Neidar can survive on their own, as he was aware of the limited supplies in his underground realm.

Where the battle took place on Ansalon.
EnlargeWhere the battle took place on Ansalon.
ConflictDwarfgate War
Date39 AC
AggressorArmy of Fistandantilus
Result Victory

In 30 AC, Duncan ordered the gates of Thorbardin shut to the outside world when the dwarves realized that the old supply routes of the world were gone. The stockpiled supplies under the mountain were dwindling and without the old supply routes there was no way to rebuild the stockpiles. Duncan knew that the Neidar dwarves would have a difficult time surviving outside of Thorbardin but he made a tough choice of sacrificing one clan instead of dooming all the clans in Thorbardin.

The Neidar dwarves suffered a series of harsh winters that killed off game and caused early winter storms that ruined many of the crops. In 32 AC the Neidar hunger and sickened by a plague send a messenger to Thorbardin asking for aid. The messenger arrived in Thorbardin to only be turned away and his message unheard. By 34 AC the conditions had not improved and in many towns had grown worse. Desperate for help the Neidar dwarves sent another messenger asking for help. The messenger was once again turned away from Thorbardin without speaking with Duncan.

Neidar thane Reghar Fireforge decided that the best way to resolve the situation would be to meet with Duncan and discuss the problems. In 37 AC Fireforge meets Duncan at a Pax Tharkas because it was considered to be a neutral site. During their discussions Duncan is unable to lend any aid, which infuriates Fireforge. The meeting ends nearly in blows and without any resolution to the problems.

In 39 AC the mage Fistandantilus, with his allies Denubis and Pheragas lead their army into Abanasinia. When they arrive they discover to groups, the Plainsmen, led by Darknight, and the Nediar dwarves, led by Fireforge. Both groups wanted to join Fistandantilus army for different reasons. The Plainsmen were driven by greed while the Neidar wish to avenge their honor. Also both groups needed food for the upcoming winter and believed that the mountain dwarves were hoarding it.

That same year the combined army of Fistandantilus marched towards to Thorbardin. Fistandantilus using the emotions of both the Plainsmen and the Neidar planned on abandoning the army to obtain godhood at the right time. Duncan unable to resolve the issue is forced to go to war to defend Thorbardin and wage war on his cousins.

The Battles

The Battle of Pax Tharkas

Main Article: The Battle of Pax Tharkas
This battle was the first battle of the Dwarfgate War. The Army of Fistandantilus captured the mountain dwarf fortress of Pax Tharkas. This battle is remember for the treachery of the Dewar.

The Attack of Kharas

Main Article: The Attack of Kharas
The Attack of Kharas was the desperate plan of Kharas, hero of Thorbardin. He hoped that by slaying Fistandantilus that the Neidar would return home. His attack with a small group successfully wounded Fistandantilus but the mage survived do to the actions of Denubis.

The Capture of Zhaman

Main Article: The Capture of Zhaman
The Capture of Zhaman was a key point to the war for Fistandantilus. Knowing that the portal that led to the Abyss was safely stored underneath the site it became a vital area to the wizard. Fistandantilus lost interest in the war following the capture of this site and focused on his upcoming battle against Takhisis.

The Battle of the Plains of Dust

Main Article: The Battle of the Plains of Dust
The Battle of the Plains of Dust was a deadly affair that occurred when the Neidar dwarves received word that their Dewar allies would open the gates of Thorbardin. Unknown to the Neidar the Dewar had made a deal with the Thanes of Thorbardin and the mountain dwarves attacked the hill dwarves as they marched towards Thorbardin. Prior to the conclusion of the battle, a magical explosion occurred wiping out both armies.

The Battle of Zhaman

Main Article: The Battle of Zhaman
The Battle of Zhaman was the Dewar attempt to kill the General Pheragas. Entering Zhaman via using secret tunnels that connected the fortress to Thorbardin the dwarves attacked Pheragus' personal army. Pheragus' force and the Dewar were killed when Zhaman collapsed from the magical blast.

Kharas & his Thane's sons by Lindsay Archer.
EnlargeKharas & his Thane's sons by Lindsay Archer.


The Dwarfgate War ends with the destruction of both the hill dwarf and mountain dwarf armies. Neither side was able to continue the struggle with the loss of both their forces and the gates of Thorbardin remained closed. The Plains of Dust was wiped barren from the magical blast and Zhaman collapsed and was renamed Skullcap for its hideous appearance.


The legacy of the Dwarfgate War was the hatred that existed between the hill dwarf and mountain dwarf nations. For generations following the war, both sides remained at odds over the feelings created by the war. The clans eventually would grow to tolerate each other but would never again depend upon each other for survival.

Legend of the Twins

The Dwarfgate War was also a key point in Raistlin Mejere's attempt to obtain godhood. Raistlin Majere, Caramon Majere, and Crysania replaced Fistandantilus, Pheragas, and Denubis in this story.


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