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Silver Arm of Ergoth

Article written by Gerrin

The Silver Arm of Ergoth was the legendary artifact that was created during the Third Dragon War. This arms creation has been the source of much controversy, as two different stories exist. In one story the arm was created by the combined effort of humans, elves, dwarves, and the metallic dragons, while in the other story the arm was created by a mysterious smith.

Both stories do continue on to explain that during the Third Dragon War the arm was used to construct a Dragonlance. To construct a dragonlance the bearer of the arm needed with the Hammer of Kharas and pure dragonmetal. The arm itself resembled a human arm from the shoulder blade down to the hand and could magically shift to become either a right or left arm. The arm contained the ability to heal wounds or regenerate lost limbs.

The Silver Arm of Ergoth was used originally in the Third Dragon War by dwarven smith Duncan Ironweaver. Ironweaver used the arm to construct the original dragonlances and this is the first recorded use of the arm. The second know use of the arm occurred during the War of the Lance by blacksmith Theros Ironfeld. He used the arm to construct the dragonlances needed to combat the forces of evil. Following the war it is unknown of what happened to the arm.


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