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Quivalen Soth

Article written by Kranar Drogin & Ambro

NameQuivalen Soth
AliasQuevalin Soth, Quivalen Sath,
Quivalin Sath
Birth? PC
Death? AC
NationalityQualinesti Elf
Hair ColorUnknown
Eye ColorUnknown
Wandering Bard

Quivalen Soth (? PC - ? AC) has been mistakenly named Quevalin Soth, Quivalen Sath, or Quivalin Sath, and some thought he was related to Lord Loren Soth but that wasn't true. He was a famous bard known throughout all of Ansalon who was a Archivist of the Qualinesti. He wrote such works as " Five Hymns", " The Bird Song of Wayreth", " Song of Huma", and the poem " Dark of Solinari", which was never published. Quivalen compiled the Lifescroll of Song. It was a collection of folk songs and ballads about the history of the Age of Dreams. He served as the headmaster for the Bardic College of Ergoth for some time. Quivalen visited the Pathwarden Estate in 220 AC, but left the place when Galen Pathwarden acted up, even threw a toy soldier at him as he ran from the estate.

Kender Tale

An older source stated that Quevalin Soth was Silvanesti Elf and compiled the Lifescroll of Song prior to 2500 PC. It is assumed Quevalin Soth is misspelling of Quivalen Soth. A later source stated that Quevalin compiled the scroll in a later period of time and not before 2500 PC.


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