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Ferilleeagh Dawnsprinter

Article written by Kranar Drogin

NameFerilleeagh Dawnsprinter
Birth? AC
Death? AC
NationalityKagonesti Elf
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorUnknown
OccupationHero of the Heart

Ferilleeagh Dawnsprinter, or Feril for short, (? AC - ? AC) was a Kagonesti Elf that was part of the Foghaven Vale Tribe. She had tanned skin, curly and thick light brown hair, which was sometimes called auburn. Feril had several tattoos, including a painted orange and yellow oak leaf on her face. The stem curves around and above her right eye, while the leaf is draped over her cheek with the tip of the leaf extending to the corner of her mouth. She got this tattoo to represent the fall time, which was her favorite season of the year. She also had a red lighting bolt across her forehead to represent the wolf pack she lived with. On her right arm she had a blue and green feather tattoo extending from her elbow to her wrist, which represents her tendency to wander. Following her battle against the Overlords, she had these tattoos all removed.

Has a slightly upturned nose, high cheekbones, rounded chin, gently pointed ears, eyes are blue flecked with green & saffron that sparkle like emeralds, at night they shift from deep blue & gold, has a tiny scar on her forehead from the removal of one of her tattoos

Early Life

Not much was known about Feril's past, but both her father and sister were both killed by Sivak Draconians, and their bodies eaten. Then for five years, Feril lived with a pack of wolves on Southern Ergoth, and during this time she learned that she had inherent nature magic. She learned all her nature spells by herself. Eventually, this life would have to end though. A White Dragon by the name of Gellidus, proclaimed himself a Dragon Overlord, and with his arrival he claimed all of Southern Ergoth as his lands. He began to change the climate of this island to be of arctic temperatures. Feril fought back, but it was to no avail. She had to find assistance from the mainland to the east.

Hero of the Heart

Feril met up with the Heroes of the Heart in a port city. She was asking for assistance from Knights of Takhisis, but they scorned her. Dhamon Grimwulf and Rig Mer-Krel came to her defense, and from that point forward Feril knew that her path was to be with these heroes for Goldmoon. Feril would soon grow to love the Human named Dhamon. So, when he fought Gale, she was heart broken when he plummeted into the lake and did not surface. She agreed with Rig that their next target would be Frost in Southern Ergoth.

They traveled to Southern Ergoth, but were not able to defeat Frost there. They did have Dhamon returned to the group, and for this Feril was overjoyed, but that was short lived. A Dark Knight slapped a scale onto Dhamon's thigh, and he could not remove the scale. The group would journey to the Citadel of Light, and again, Feril was heartbroken when Dhamon seemed to turn on the group and killed Goldmoon. Feril wouldn't forgive him for this for a very long time.

In 416 AC, Feril met with Speaker of the Sea Nuqala about acquiring the Crown of Tides. During this, the heroes were able to kill Brynseldimer. The group made their way to the Window to the Stars, and confronted Malys, Frost, Sable, Skie, and Beryl. They attempted to thwart Malys from becoming the next Takhisis, and thanks to the assistance of Skie were able to. After the victory, she decided to go back to Southern Ergoth without Dhamon.

Post Window to the Stars

In the time after the battle, Feril traveled a lot. First working on Cristyne, then moving on to Witdel, Portsmith, Gwyntarr, and finally Caergoth. There she had all her tattoos removed from her body so she would no longer have to remember the past, and move on to the present. She then cut her hair in 422 AC, so that it was short on her head, and moved to the Wayreth Forest. She also decided to worship the god Habbakuk.

She even swam in the Lake of Death, and while down there, she took the spirit of Obelia with her. She looked a lot older after swimming in the tainted waters. She did mark her body again. Much to her surprise, she ran into Dhamon and Ragh, and they decided to journey together. Feril found that she still loved Dhamon, even after all the time away from each other.

Together, they journeyed into the Kharolis Mountains and found a Dragonmetal mine run by Dwarves. She allowed Grannalured to put a dragon tattoo on her right arm, just below the shoulder in honor of Dhamon. Grannalured betrayed them all though, and found she was a thrall of Sable. Feril got separated from the group, and Sable seized this opportunity to make Feril her thrall by attaching a scale to her abdomen.

As a thrall, she spied on the actions of both Ragh and Dhamon with Sable able to see right out of her eyes. Eventually her friends find out about it, and Ragh frees Feril from Sable's control. Eventually they make it to New Swamp, and Dhamon battled Sable. Feril had to watch as Dhamon defeated Sable, but at the cost of his own life. She offered to heal Dhamon, but he refused. Upon his death, she buried him in his dragon form with her magic. Ragh and Feril decided to move on from this by going to look for Obelia's sister Elalage.


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