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Dagamier (? - ? AC) was a powerful and accomplished Black Robe known for her intelligence and sharp tongue. Raised on Southern Ergoth, her parentage and origins are unknown to her. Dagamier went on to become one of the guardians of the first Bastion and when the second Bastion was built she was appointed it's High Defender.

Dagamier by Darcwulf.
Dagamier by Darcwulf.
Birth? AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Blue
OccupationBlack Robe

Dagamier had very pale skin, some times compared to marble. She had black hair that she wore straight and at shoulder length. Her eyes are a dark blue. At the time of the first Bastion (345 AC) she looked young, but had a touch of cynical sadness and experience and she considered herself a loner, which is why she sought the position as one of defenders of Bastion. By the time she was High Defender of the second Bastion (350 AC) she was no longer the cynical loner, but was much more personable and even happy.

Early Life

Dagamier had no idea as to her parentage, having been washed ashore as a baby as the only survivor of a shipwreck in the Straits of Algoni. She learned this from the fisherman who raised her in Pontigoth until the age of eleven when he and his entire family were all wiped out by the pox. She then lived on the streets until she met a Mage and fell in love with the art. She made her way to the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth where she took her test. Ladonna mentored her ever since that time.

The First Bastion

When the first Bastion was built in 340 AC, to guard the pathway to the Lost Citadel, Dagamier sought and was granted the post of the black robe guardian. In 345 AC she took exception to Guerrand DiThon's appointment as the High Defender, especially after the two previous Red Robe guardians proved unable to withstand the pressures of life in the isolated fortress located in the horizon.

However, as the young DiThon began to find his feet in his new position, instituting a series practice drills and other exercises encouraging teamwork and cooperation between the disparate trio of individuals, she found a grudging respect for him. So by the time Lyim Rhistadt launched his attack on the first Bastion in the Spring of 346 AC, Dagamier was able to work effectively with her fellow guardians to partially thwart the attempt. Unfortunately Rhistadt's cunning ingenuity deceived the defenders and he achieved his goal of opening the forbidden pathway to the Lost Citadel. Dagamier along with the other guardians were forced to flee for their lives when the gods tore down Bastion for its failure.

High Defender of the Second Bastion

When Guerrand declined the position as High Defender of the new Bastion he recommended the Council of Three choose Dagamier for the post. The new design and slightly altered purpose of Bastion made the job of a guardian including the High Defender more palatable for those assigned the responsibility. When Bram DiThon and Guerrand DiThon visited the fortress in the Winter of 350 AC, Dagamier described what she personally sees Bastion as, - a shadowy dungeon lit by torches, an environment that she finds comforting and homey. The two DiThons found her personality significantly changed, she is friendly, charming and even happy. During this time Dagamier begins a friendship with Bram DiThon that may have had potential romantic ramifications.

The Attack on Wayreth

During Lyim Rhistadt's lone assault on the Tower Dagamier lacking her magic thanks to leeching effects of the dwarven artifact known as the Gauntlet of Ventyr fell back on the last resort of all wizards, her dagger, and bravely sought to prevent the renegade from entering the great hall. However, she was only able to injure Rhistadt in the arm before the renegade called on his fiend, a nabassu, to attack her. Dagamier was wounded, a serious bite to the neck and shoulder, but she managed to survive.

Rumours and Innuendos

It is implied that after the Battle of Wayreth that Dagamier and Bram DiThonn would begin a romantic relationship, but it is unknown as to whether this did in fact happen.

With the physical similarities between Dagamier and her mentor Ladonna, Zagarus wonders if they are in fact possibly mother and daughter. Dagamier however, claims no knowledge of her parentage.


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