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Khurish Language

Article written by Ambro

The Khurish Language is the language spoken by the Humans of Khur. They love to talk, but consider it impolite to interrupt them. The written language uses the Istaran alphabet. The language is also sometimes referred to just as Khur.

Khurish Words

Affre - A hooded long robe.
Alya-Alash - 'Breath of the Gods'
Begon - 'Loaf of bread.' Can refer to a type of khurish coin.
Fabazz - A lesser souk.
Fluq - An alcoholic beverage.
Geb - A white linen sleeveless robe, cinched in at the waist by a ghuffran.
Ghuffran - A leather cord used for cinching up a geb.
Ifran - Single moment in time when something is destine to happen.
Kamenty - Type of khurish bread that contains nuts and olives.
Kefre - Strong hot beverage.
Khuri yl Nor - 'Palace of the Setting Sun'
Laddad - 'Those who walk on air.' Ancient use referred to griffon riders. Modern use refers to Elves in general.
Laddad-ihar - 'Elves' Anthill'
Malsh-mekkek - 'Malys's Tooth'
Malsh-sakhar - 'Malys's Anvil'
Maita - Fate with connotations of inevitability set down by the Gods.
Mazin yl Sadaf - 'Lake of Dreams'
Naes - 'soul' or a person's captive spirit.
Nak-Safal - 'Bottomless Pool'
Nemosh - 'Over-the-mountain people.' Refers to Nerakans.
Sosirah - 'Lioness'
Souk - An outdoor market.
Soukats - 'Merchants'
Weyadan - 'Mother of the Weya-Lu'
Zacca-Khur - 'Father of Khur'


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