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Hugh Bronan

Article written by Kranar Drogin

NameHugh Bronan
Birth? AC
Death? AC
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorUnknown
ClassKnight of Solamnia
OccupationKnight of the Sword

Hugh Bronan (? - ? AC) was a Knight of the Sword with the Knights of Solamnia. Sir Hugh has light brown hair, was well-built, very strong, handsome, and most said he had the heart of a true Knight. His body became more lean during his battles and trials with the Tarmak. This also led to his body being covered in battle scars.

Early Life

Not much is known about Sir Hugh's childhood. What has been revealed was that Sir Hugh was originally a trouble-maker on the streets of Palanthas. While on the streets, he learned how to fight dirty against those he fought. Sir Hugh was on the fast tract to a quick death before the Knights of Solamnia saved his life, and allowed for him to join their ranks.

War of Souls

During the War of Souls in 421 AC, Hugh was based in Missing City serving in the Solamnic Circle there. He was also raised to his new position of a Knight of the Sword. While there, Sir Hugh became a close personal friend to Knight of the Rose Linsha Majere. When she was put on trial, he was almost the only knight who stood up for her and said what was happening was not right. When the city was attacked by the Tarmak, Sir Hugh was able to escape the city to Scorpion Wadi.

Sir Hugh helped over the next few months in solidifying their position in the valley, but this was all for naught. The Valley was attacked and almost all there were slaughtered. Sir Hugh was one of those that was taken prisoner, and brought back to Missing City. Linsha Majere broke him out of prison, and he escaped to join rebels. Over the next serveral months, he fought the Tarmak outside of Missing City. He lost his boyishness, became harder, more withdrawn, and even angry at the Tarmak. He fought the Tarmak at the Battle of Flashfire, and there assisted in a great victory that drove the Tarmak to within Missing City's city walls.

Post War of Souls

Following the War of Souls, Sir Hugh moved closer to Sanction and his friend Linsha. He would come to the city to tell stories to the eight wyrmlings that Linsha and Hogan Bight were raising. These stories would always have to involved battles, Iyesta, or Crucible. The wyrmlings grew to respect and like Sir Hugh.


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