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A Wichtlin is an Undead elf who was killed while betraying his people. Also can be a Silvanesti Elf who was claimed by Chemosh. It is a hideous creature that appears to be a pair of disembodied eyeballs floating above two skeletal hands. Its touch will paralyze. The most famous wichtlin was Silveron Lightblade.

History of the Wichtlins

The history of this undead started with a curse that fell upon the Silvanesti elven court due to the dark experiments of Sylvyana, the Ghoul Queen. During the war that followed those incidents, Sylvyana managed to spread somehow the ritual for creating wichtlins, so there was a possibility that every elf died violently and could be claimed by the Endless Hunger, allowing Sylvyana to transform them into wichtlins.

The wichtlins were a key instrument in that war, and even after Sylvyana's escape into the River of Time, these undead continue to plague elvenkind even today.

Aquatic Wichtlin

There are wichtlin that serve the Mahkwahb and Zeboim. Like their above sea equivalents, they are a set of eyes and hands. A trace of the rest of the body would sometimes flicker into sight. They would also ride undead antlered giant sea horses.


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