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Fernen Narrowleaf

Article written by Gerrin

Fernen Narrowleaf (? - ? AC) was a kagonesti elf who remained behind in Qualinesti following the evacuation of that country during the War of the Lance and also was a leader of a small tribes of kagonesti. The tribe was betrayed by another kagonesti, Silveron Lightblade, and the Red Dragonarmy located the village. Narrowleaf fled with the survivors of the village but suffered personal losses as members of his family and his wife were killed during the attack.

Narrowleaf then captured a ship on the coast of the Newsea and traveled with the survivors to the forests of Lemish. It was during the construction of the new village of Wildtree that Narrowleaf encountered a fearsome creature called the Wichtlin. Narrowleaf then vowed to find the creature and destroy it.


  • Dwarven Nations of Krynn 'A World of Stone' (sourcebook) p. 86

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